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Are you looking for the best ptc? or you have difficulty to find best of the best ptc? or would appear you are confused to choose which ptc categorized the best? If your answer to the three answers above are yes, then by visiting this blog you will soon find best of the best ptc site. The information will you get a moment longer will give you insight to start the business of internet with the type of paid to click. Therefore, do not stop until you are here reading this article if you want to get information about work from home program that gives you an additional income of up to hundreds of dollars every month even more. NeoBux is the answer to your three questions that I asked at the beginning. By joining NeoBux you will achieve success within a maximum period of nine months if you do not want to spend a bit of capital. Why do I say in the nine months you will achieve success at sites paid to click on this one? Please see the article entitled ptc neobux tips. Once you understand and apply all the strategies that exist in the article, you are likely to earn a monthly income of up to $ 1,000 per month of the terms you really want to plunge into the Internet business is that once a job you can do from home to increase your income. You are not yet a member? Join here soon with NeoBux.
On the site paid to click (PTC) is NeoBux you as the members have the opportunity to earn income by simply double clicking on the ads aired by the advertiser. In addition to this, as a member you can also make your NeoBux as a means of promotion, be it a website, link affiliansi, or blog you have. For more detail ​​what you get as a member of NeoBux can be seen as follows:

    As a member of NeoBux you'll get:
        Additional income that you generate by working from home
        Value up to $ 0.01 for each ad click
        Ads bonus by earning up to $ 5.00
        Income from referral clicks to $ 0.01 for every clicks
        The opportunity to improve the status of membership
        Number of daily ads a lot, up to more than 10 ads per day

    As an advertiser you will get:
        Visitors from unique IP every 24 hours
        Your chance to earn money from websites that you promote
        Advertising costs are cheaper
        There are three types of ads that you can use depending on the cost of which is owned
        Having anti-cheat software so that all who visit your website is a real person

For additional information, for you are a member in NeoBux minimal value of withdrawals amounted to $ 2.00 which will be paid within a maximum of three days. In addition you can also do rental referral in the form of packets, the smallest package for rental referral is three referral package worth $ 0.60 for the period of work for 30 days.
What about now? if you are still confused to find and discover online business program that's best paid to click once to get a simple explanation of this I? If you feel confident that NeoBux is the best sign up as well as a large family NeoBux now. For registration you can do it now, click here

How To Register In ClixSense

As has been discussed in earlier articles on "how to play paid to click" is one of the core discussion about enrollment in one of the best ptc clixsense. To continue the discussion in this article I continue the registration information on the clixsense. The procedure for registration in the best ptc is in addition a short description, but also in the accompanied drawings and information about the features in each stages.
After finding the url address (link) clixsense site, it will be on display beginning clixsense home page will appear as shown below.
the best paid to click
ClixSense Home Page

1). Signin : this menu is the menu that you use if you have previously had an account at clixsense.
2). Signup : this menu specialize for visitors who intend to join the clixsense, by clicking on this menu then you will be brought to a new page to continue registration.
3). Toolbar : This menu is a menu extra for members who have registered
4). Search : the search menu, you can find a list of available advertisements in clixsen as well as those members who have registered.
5). Helpdesk : as the name suggests, this menu is the place where we are both registered members and new limited visit to ask for help or complaints to the clixsense.
6). Survey : This survey on the menu, you are a registered member to participate in the survey clixsense available and of course each will have completed a survey that will be the accumulated payments directly into your account balance. For the record, for this survey is only available in some countries.
7). View ads : according to the name of the menu, this is where your main site to make money from a member clixsense. Although not menjdai member, you can still access the menu and view the ads there, but you will not get pembayan if you see an ad in this menu before becoming a member.
8). Advertise : This menu was provided for members who registered to put ads on the site clixsense.
9). Click the grid : view ads than through the menu, you can also earn income through this menu. But the opportunity to earn income on the menu is very small even in the promised income is large enough, ie, up to $ 5.00
10). Task : This menu is an alternative to obtain payment from clixsense. Through this menu you are requested to adjust the information that is provided with a website that has been set.
11). Games : you tired of clicking on ads in clixsense? refresh your mind with the following games provided by the parties clixsense. But, if you play these games you will not receive payment.
12). Affiliates : If you have registered as a member and you are promoting yourself to others then you can view a list of the other party in this menu. In addition, the menu there is also a tool to promote yourself.
13). Forum : The main factors of public confidence in a ptc site is the forum, the menu of this forum you can interact with other members.

After learning what the menu listed on the home page clixsense, you as a prospective new member must choose a menu signup to join the big family clixsense. Point your cursor at this menu and click. After signup you select a menu will appear a new screen. On this new screen appears you are taken to the new member registration form. Display registration form in this clixsense you can see like the picture below
paying ptc site
Once the new screen appears as shown above then its time to fill in data on the part that has been set in accordance with the information requested. Make sure that the data you enter is the original data. This is what else should you do if you want a payment by check is sent directly to your home address. For the record, information about your state will appear automatically without the need to specify because the clixsense have an IP from the detector application registrants. Another thing you should remember is clixsense not accept a second registration from the same IP address (note written in red box). So, make sure that the data you enter is correct.
Registration form that has been equipped with all the information on request looks like the image below.
paying ptc
ClixSia Register Form
After all you fill the registration form completely and correctly, you can click on the words "create account" located at the bottom of the form pendaftara. If you fill out the registration form completely (in the sense of right in the eyes of the manager clixsense) then you will find a new screen that states that the submission form yourself as a new member in clixsense accepted. The new screen stating that your submission is received looks like the following picture
Although your registration as a new member in the family clixsense has been received, but you can not directly use the special menus member. Why does this happen? note the picture above, there explained that "you must click the link to activate your account", which link the central purpose is the link to send to your email. This is why you must have an active e-mail (see the article how to play click to paid).
Once you find your computer screen bring up a page like the one in the picture, the next step is to open your email account (gmail or yahoomail depending on who you use). Then look at incoming email sent by clixsense. Email messages sent by clixsense, more or less look like the image below.
legit ptc
ClixSense Email Verification
You've found the email sent by clixsense? if it is then look at the contents of this email because your membership activation link in the email. In the email you can view your membership activation link (note the red box found on the picture). Click the links contained in this email, because that link is sent to make sure that you really want to join the clixsense.
After you click the activation link contained within the email, then you will be brought back to the website and this is the final stage clixsense you to become an official member of the PTC sites that stood since 2007. Clixsense page stating that you have been officially registered as a member of the look of the picture below.

Consider the writings contained in the red box, if you find the same text as it means you've officially become a member clixsense. To mengaksen member menu, enter your username and password (the same as the username and password when filling out the registration form) and then click login. You can ignore clicked on the box to remember me if you are using a shared computer.
Congratulations ... you have registered as a member clixsense and membership has been able to access the menu. But wait, because this is your first login on clixsense then give you the offer by the manager. Offering that is given in the form of installation of the toolbar on your computer you use. The benefits of using this toolbar is that you can find out if there are ads that you can see or not even if you do not currently access the site clixsense. Bidding page to install this toolbar you can see such pictures are below.

On this page you have two options you can take, ie not using the toolbar or download the toolbar. If you choose not to use the toolbar you can click on the links as indicated by number 1 and number 2 shows the steps if you want to use the toolbar cilxsense.
Now I think you choose not to use this toolbar, then click on the link inside the red box as shown above, then you will go directly to your account page. The account page will look like the picture below.
ClixSense Member Page
On the menu this account, you will find various information about your account details like that in there in the picture. For more details, what is contained in the pages of this account, the following is a brief description of the account page on the best ptc sites clixsense.
1). On the menu shows the income that you get for joining in clixsense.
2). View ads: This section will look before you click on the number of ads available to click on this day. In the view ads menu there are three types of advertising, ie yellow to click value $ 0.01, green for the clicks are worth $ 0005, and the white color to a value of $ 0.0001.
3). My Account Details: different premises n point number one, in this section you can see detailed information about your account from your name, date registered, email that is in use, to revenue in the can and the type of ad has been clicked.
4). In this position, you can find the link you can use to find other members who join you.
5). This section shows the number of members (referrals) that have joined you as well as the number of clicks they have done, both daily and the number of click-click as a whole.
6). My Sponsor Detail: This section shows who invited you to join clixsense through the link he gave you.
7). My Advertising Details: This section shows the details of the advertising you do.
8). Affiliates: In this menu you can view a list of your referral (as in number 5) but here you can also find other ways to promote your link in the form of banner.
9). Task Grid: as has been described in the beginning, after becoming a member you can use this feature to get the income up to $ 5.00 if you have a high luck factor.

Was clearly not the explanation of how to register at clixsense? may explain this with the accompanied drawings facilitate you to join clixsense. If you join a ptc clixsense immediately joined the best that has been established since 2007 is now.

How To Play Paid To Click

Paid to Click
Before starting his business Paid To Click (PTC) is useful to know what PTC business. As the name implies Paid To Click, then we will be paid when clicked. Activity was not clicking at here clicking haphazardly but we required to click on ads that are available on the site. Upon clicking the ad will appear when the count down with a duration of between 4 to 30 seconds, after the duration period is over we just get paid. Payment that is given for each click diverse, ranging from $0.00005 to the largest is $0.04. In addition to the wide range of ad clicks, number of ads in each ptc site is also different. As ClixSense which has a daily ads for standard members around 20-25 ads per day, at NeoBux provides daily ads for standard members as much as 12-20 ad, or such other ptc ClickSia that provides ads for standard members as much as 5-10 ads per day.
After the PTC business knows what it is, you have to prepare some supporting components so you can start to dive into this business Paid to Clik. As for the components you need to prepare them are:
1). Computers connected with Internet network
Due to these PTC business is the internet business you inevitably have to have a computer or other similar device and is connected to the Internet network. Internet connection that you use the internet connection can be used together or the general public can also use a private Internet connection. My advice, if you want to join Internet businesses use personal connections because some PTC sites are very tight control over the IP register, if it were found two users with the same IP address is most likely the user will be deleted in the list of their members or with words another in the suspension.
2). Active email
If you do not have email, sign up in advance. You can create an email using the site email providers like Gmail or yahoomail. Most of the sites PTC recommends that you use Gmail but I use my yahoomail and so far it is still okay.
3). Payment processor
As people who work in general, in this online business you will also receive a salary. The difference is because you work from home then your salary is not directly given to you but send it to your virtual bank. Of the virtual bank you is you can withdraw your paycheck to the bank account you have. In general, any PTC program to process payments using PayPal and AlertPay.

After all components have the support you have, it's time we started looking for the best PTC to join. Why should the best ptc? I will discuss this in a later article. To find the best ptc, you can use search engines like Google, searching for information on the best ptc discussed in your blog or website as a Kumpulan PTC Terbaik, or also get recommendations from your contacts. We are assuming you find ClixSense as PTC sites you follow. Then the steps that should be done when it will join in clixsense is as follows.
Need help? please visit the following article about How To Register In ClixSense

The Best PTC : ClixSense

Did you know that Clixsense PTC is one of the oldest in the world? PTC has been recognized as the best by thousands of people has been established since 2007 in which the PTC business when it was still quiet. Determination of the best PTC Clixsense as inseparable from the services they provide to their members, while so many other ptc that collapsed due to an unbalanced value to its members, Clixsense still stood firm thanks to good financial management. They set a standard of mutual benefit between members and clixsense itself.
One thing that distinguishes this site compared to other sites is a relatively small value of clicks that only around $ 0.0001 - $ 0.02 and strangely remains an idol for the PTC players around the world. Yet if, in comparison with other similar sites, many of which give a much bigger clicks. There are even some ptc sites that give value to $ 0.1 per clicks. Herein lies the difference between ptc clixsense and other standards set by clixsense as if a gold standard to judge other ptc. Just click on the maximum value $ 0.02 is a standard assessment that a ptc ptc will not be a scam. It's obvious why clixsense not be the best ptc that still survive in this business.
Talking about the payment, the best ptc figure this one sets the standard $ 8.00 for members and $ 6.00 for members of their premuim. To improve the status of a standard to a premium membership at a cost of $ 17.00 wear for a year with a bonus of 100 ads in the initial purchase of the premium membership status.
Now we are talking about the payment system used by clixsense. Like most other ptc, clixsense also take advantage of the means of payment such as PayPal and AlertPay. However, PTC is not glued to the two means of payment that was it. Especially for members who do not have an account at the payers of two tools they provide an alternative form of payment other payments by check. Absolutely, the results of your income in clixsense will be sent directly to your address, directly into your hands. Therefore, when registering on this best ptc sebaikknya you provide the full address because it is easier for the clixsense when sending a check to you.
Wait no more, sign up for the best ptc which has proved to be stable in this ptc world. Clixsense will not make you click on the activities to be futile because the site has become one of the best among the best. Attested by their stability still exist in the world of PTC since it was first launched in 2007. You will lose if it does not join the best ptc Clixsense this.

Tips For NeoBux PTC

Renting referrals in is a painful experience for most people. Many people invested their hardly earned money from Neobux in rented referrals and got their hands burned. Did that means investing in referrals is just a way to lose money? The answer is yes if you are a person who don’t have any patience and don’t know how to manage the referrals. The answer is no if you learn the game and have a little drop of luck.

For those who don’t know about Neobux
Neobux is an online earning site where you will be paid to click ads. When you click an ad and view the advertisement for some seconds you will be paid. If you don’t have a Neobux account yet, get it here. When you refer others to Neobux you will get a part of their earnings. You can also rent referrals from Neobux. That is what this article explains.
Why should I rent referrals?
Getting referrals is the hardest thing in the life for many people. They will post their referral links in many forums, communities, email signatures, traffic exchanges and in every place one can post an html link. Even after all these hard works what they are getting is one or two referrals or in the most cases no referral at all. Renting referrals will take off all the headaches associated with finding a referral. All you need is just put some money and buy referrals in monthly basis.
10 steps to get success with rented referrals:

1. Don’t buy your first referral when you just have $0.60 in account balance.
Referrals are purchased in packs and the smallest pack of 3 referrals will cost $0.60 a month. Many people will buy this as soon as their account reaches $0.60. But this is a little risky thing. In order to recycle you need 0.07$ in your rental balance. So in case you need to recycle a referral you have to wait until your rental balance have enough money. So it is good not rent your first referral till you have 1$ in your account.

2. Recycle your inactive referrals.
If your referral didn’t click any ads for 3 – 4 days recycle and get a new referral. Some people will say that you need patience and need to wait a little more. But from my experience waiting for more than 4 days will result in loss. It is a well-known fact that Neobux sometimes give bots as referrals. These bots will click ads for some days and then stop clicking. If you wait many days to see whether these referrals will click, then you will lose your money.

3. Enable Autopay.
There is nothing worse than losing an active referral. If you got a super active referral who always click daily and on time, then there will always be a risk if it expire. Expire means the number of days gone for which you rented it and the risk is that you may forget to pay it again or to extent it for next month. So to overcome this Neobux invented AutoPay system. By using this system you don’t have to worry that what happened if you forget to rent it again on its expiry date. AutoPay will handle it. If you rent a referral for 30 days and if he click on first day then one more day will automatically be added to its renting day and in this way the expiry date will extend by one day. So always keep your AutoPay on when you rent referral, to prevent losing some potential active referral.
legit ptc site
4. Recycle referrals with average click less than 2.
In order to make profit from a referral they need to have an average click of 1.67 or more. So if you have a referral with an average click of 2 or less, recycle them.
5. Don’t withdraw your earnings early.
Neobux offers a minimum payout of 2$. But if you need to make a good and stable income from Neobux, don’t withdraw the money. Instead invest it in referrals. You can buy a packet of 10 referrals for $2.00. At the same time you must keep your active referrals using autopay system. Continue this process. As a standard member you can rent up to 500 referrals. Don’t withdraw your earnings till you reach this target. It may take 8 or 9 months to reach this target. That is why I said you need patience to get success with referrals.

6. Stop renting referrals.
Once you reach 500 referrals target stop purchasing new referrals. If you followed the steps 1-5 correctly, you may have 500 active referrals by this time. Keep managing them. Wait till your account balance reach 90$.

7. Upgrade to Golden Account.

Once you reach 90$ in your account upgrade to golden membership. As a golden member you will get double money for referral clicks.

8. Repeat steps 1-5.
As a golden member you can rent up to 2000 referrals. Repeat the first five steps to reach this target. Don’t cash out early. Invest it till you reach 2000 referrals.

9. Once reached 2000 referrals sit back and relax.
This is the final stage. This is the stage of harvesting your money. You just need to manage your referrals. Now you have 2000 active referrals in your hand. Even if only half of them clicked 4 ads a day you will get $40 a day. That means $1200 a month. Life is beautiful isn’t it?

10. Some noteworthy points.
You will get money from referral clicks only if you clicked all your ads in the previous day. So don’t forget to click all ads (4 for standard member and 9 for upgraded member). In case you are not able to click the ads on a particular day ask any of your close friends whom you can share your password to click the ads for you.
scam site
If a referral with an average clicks more than 3 for a long time stops clicking for some days don’t recycle that referral. Sometimes he may go for a vacation. Don’t lose your potential referral by recycling in this case. Keep waiting some more days for him to return.
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