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Renting referrals in is a painful experience for most people. Many people invested their hardly earned money from Neobux in rented referrals and got their hands burned. Did that means investing in referrals is just a way to lose money? The answer is yes if you are a person who don’t have any patience and don’t know how to manage the referrals. The answer is no if you learn the game and have a little drop of luck.

For those who don’t know about Neobux
Neobux is an online earning site where you will be paid to click ads. When you click an ad and view the advertisement for some seconds you will be paid. If you don’t have a Neobux account yet, get it here. When you refer others to Neobux you will get a part of their earnings. You can also rent referrals from Neobux. That is what this article explains.
Why should I rent referrals?
Getting referrals is the hardest thing in the life for many people. They will post their referral links in many forums, communities, email signatures, traffic exchanges and in every place one can post an html link. Even after all these hard works what they are getting is one or two referrals or in the most cases no referral at all. Renting referrals will take off all the headaches associated with finding a referral. All you need is just put some money and buy referrals in monthly basis.
10 steps to get success with rented referrals:

1. Don’t buy your first referral when you just have $0.60 in account balance.
Referrals are purchased in packs and the smallest pack of 3 referrals will cost $0.60 a month. Many people will buy this as soon as their account reaches $0.60. But this is a little risky thing. In order to recycle you need 0.07$ in your rental balance. So in case you need to recycle a referral you have to wait until your rental balance have enough money. So it is good not rent your first referral till you have 1$ in your account.

2. Recycle your inactive referrals.
If your referral didn’t click any ads for 3 – 4 days recycle and get a new referral. Some people will say that you need patience and need to wait a little more. But from my experience waiting for more than 4 days will result in loss. It is a well-known fact that Neobux sometimes give bots as referrals. These bots will click ads for some days and then stop clicking. If you wait many days to see whether these referrals will click, then you will lose your money.

3. Enable Autopay.
There is nothing worse than losing an active referral. If you got a super active referral who always click daily and on time, then there will always be a risk if it expire. Expire means the number of days gone for which you rented it and the risk is that you may forget to pay it again or to extent it for next month. So to overcome this Neobux invented AutoPay system. By using this system you don’t have to worry that what happened if you forget to rent it again on its expiry date. AutoPay will handle it. If you rent a referral for 30 days and if he click on first day then one more day will automatically be added to its renting day and in this way the expiry date will extend by one day. So always keep your AutoPay on when you rent referral, to prevent losing some potential active referral.
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4. Recycle referrals with average click less than 2.
In order to make profit from a referral they need to have an average click of 1.67 or more. So if you have a referral with an average click of 2 or less, recycle them.
5. Don’t withdraw your earnings early.
Neobux offers a minimum payout of 2$. But if you need to make a good and stable income from Neobux, don’t withdraw the money. Instead invest it in referrals. You can buy a packet of 10 referrals for $2.00. At the same time you must keep your active referrals using autopay system. Continue this process. As a standard member you can rent up to 500 referrals. Don’t withdraw your earnings till you reach this target. It may take 8 or 9 months to reach this target. That is why I said you need patience to get success with referrals.

6. Stop renting referrals.
Once you reach 500 referrals target stop purchasing new referrals. If you followed the steps 1-5 correctly, you may have 500 active referrals by this time. Keep managing them. Wait till your account balance reach 90$.

7. Upgrade to Golden Account.

Once you reach 90$ in your account upgrade to golden membership. As a golden member you will get double money for referral clicks.

8. Repeat steps 1-5.
As a golden member you can rent up to 2000 referrals. Repeat the first five steps to reach this target. Don’t cash out early. Invest it till you reach 2000 referrals.

9. Once reached 2000 referrals sit back and relax.
This is the final stage. This is the stage of harvesting your money. You just need to manage your referrals. Now you have 2000 active referrals in your hand. Even if only half of them clicked 4 ads a day you will get $40 a day. That means $1200 a month. Life is beautiful isn’t it?

10. Some noteworthy points.
You will get money from referral clicks only if you clicked all your ads in the previous day. So don’t forget to click all ads (4 for standard member and 9 for upgraded member). In case you are not able to click the ads on a particular day ask any of your close friends whom you can share your password to click the ads for you.
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If a referral with an average clicks more than 3 for a long time stops clicking for some days don’t recycle that referral. Sometimes he may go for a vacation. Don’t lose your potential referral by recycling in this case. Keep waiting some more days for him to return.


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