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Paid to Click
Before starting his business Paid To Click (PTC) is useful to know what PTC business. As the name implies Paid To Click, then we will be paid when clicked. Activity was not clicking at here clicking haphazardly but we required to click on ads that are available on the site. Upon clicking the ad will appear when the count down with a duration of between 4 to 30 seconds, after the duration period is over we just get paid. Payment that is given for each click diverse, ranging from $0.00005 to the largest is $0.04. In addition to the wide range of ad clicks, number of ads in each ptc site is also different. As ClixSense which has a daily ads for standard members around 20-25 ads per day, at NeoBux provides daily ads for standard members as much as 12-20 ad, or such other ptc ClickSia that provides ads for standard members as much as 5-10 ads per day.
After the PTC business knows what it is, you have to prepare some supporting components so you can start to dive into this business Paid to Clik. As for the components you need to prepare them are:
1). Computers connected with Internet network
Due to these PTC business is the internet business you inevitably have to have a computer or other similar device and is connected to the Internet network. Internet connection that you use the internet connection can be used together or the general public can also use a private Internet connection. My advice, if you want to join Internet businesses use personal connections because some PTC sites are very tight control over the IP register, if it were found two users with the same IP address is most likely the user will be deleted in the list of their members or with words another in the suspension.
2). Active email
If you do not have email, sign up in advance. You can create an email using the site email providers like Gmail or yahoomail. Most of the sites PTC recommends that you use Gmail but I use my yahoomail and so far it is still okay.
3). Payment processor
As people who work in general, in this online business you will also receive a salary. The difference is because you work from home then your salary is not directly given to you but send it to your virtual bank. Of the virtual bank you is you can withdraw your paycheck to the bank account you have. In general, any PTC program to process payments using PayPal and AlertPay.

After all components have the support you have, it's time we started looking for the best PTC to join. Why should the best ptc? I will discuss this in a later article. To find the best ptc, you can use search engines like Google, searching for information on the best ptc discussed in your blog or website as a Kumpulan PTC Terbaik, or also get recommendations from your contacts. We are assuming you find ClixSense as PTC sites you follow. Then the steps that should be done when it will join in clixsense is as follows.
Need help? please visit the following article about How To Register In ClixSense


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