A Step by Step Guide on How to Start an Online Business

Do you think luck helps in having money making online business?

When I first began to see the many online money making websites I thought to myself, "I could never create something like that" I believed there is no way I could have the time to create an online business, besides you have to be lucky to make money online.

I am hear to tell you that luck has nothing to do with it...

The people creating websites and making money online seem to be doing it without effort. They seem to be advertising effortlessly. Not only are they making money online but they are doing it working few hours a day they claim.

What was the secret? I thought they must have a lot of money to begin creating an online business?

Most of us know for a fact that there are people online making incredible amounts of money online - both men and women have an online business spending less time working and more time enjoying the income they generate from there online business

Generally, most people spend their time hoping, thinking and planning to do something online while the rest of us are speeding past them!

These people spend time doing what works online and avoiding non-productive actions that do not produce the highest results!

They have learned to do "what works online" and how to get the results without spending too much time or money.

Starting your own online business can be an inexpensive and high-profit cash machine (making money every month) if you understand specific tasks that anyone can do and use immediately to spend less and make more money and have more free time

Today I spend less than 1 hour a day working on my first website and earn a very significant online income. I also dedicate time to work on new online business websites and I also spend time writing new books. I am also the editor of several online newsletters and I publish regularly to online publications.

All you have to do it create a website and sell something. That something can be yours or someone else's product. The secret I have learned is not so much the website or the product, they key is how you market that product or service and how you get your website noticed. That's the key.

Don't spend to much time wondering what color for your website or if this looks neat and clean, you need to focus on marketing and learning how to market your product is the number one action you will need to focus on.

Roy Vera R.T., MBA is an experienced business owner,author, publisher, consultant on how to start an online business. For more information visit us at http://www.theroyverablog.com

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